GPT 3.5 tutorial: How to use new chatbot built in bing

What is Bing’s new chatbot?

On 7th of February 2023, Microsoft announced that it’s going to include in the newest version of Bing search a chatbot. As you can read in the article, the AI included in Bing search is a LLM that “is more powerful than ChatGPT and customized specifically for search. It takes key learnings and advancements from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 – and it is even faster, more accurate and more capable.”

For me actually the most important thing is that, ChatGPT was trained with data up to 2021 and

Bing’s version is far more up-to-date and can handle queries related to far more recent events. Real time ChatGPT-like bot to assist in my everyday life? Well, after the ChatGPT announcement on 30th of November 2022, we made a huge step forward.

Also, does it mean that we won’t have to pay for usage of ChatGPT, as we will have a new, better, more accurate and more advanced tool for free (if we use Bing of course)? We can assume that up to some limitations for sure – but what is it capable of? Let’s take a closer look at some of the announcements.

How to use Bing’s chatbot?

First we need to go to the Bing page, click the hamburger icon, then labs and change settings from “Auto (default)” to “More frequent”. It will change our Bing’s search page.

screen no.1

Now let’s ask Bing to do what every ChatGPT bot loves to do – writing code for our new project. Despite giving commands which would allow ChatGPT to write as a code, we don’t get similar results. It’s because we need to switch to the “chat” tab.

 screen no.2

But as we enter the “chat” tab, we see that it’s not live yet and we have to join the waitlist.

screen no.3

We already joined it and as soon as we have access we will update this tutorial or create a new one. But in the meantime, let’s see the examples Microsoft created for us to hype us for the new tool.

Creative / coding

screen no.4

As we can see, the showcases use predefined prompts. And the results are always the same – you don;t have to check it, I did it. So we can see it does a pretty good job with a pretty simple prompt – a thing which ChatGPT couldn’t do well. Everyone who tried to write a good story with a short prompt with ChatGPT knows it. And if you don’t it’s high time for you to find out.

screen no.5

It also does a good job in writing blog articles. As always, we encourage you to always fact check and proofread as ChatBots, even ChatGPT or future new chatbot, as the hallucinations sometimes might occur.

How to write for SEO with use of ChatGPT you can learn from our previous tutorials.

Oh, and did we forget about coding? Of course Bing’s new chatbot will write the code for you. But remember the golden rule – always review it before committing!

Acreen no.6

And last, but not least, the immortal prompt every one must have used while interacting with LLM is “write a poem” or a rap song. And also Bing is giving us a sneak peak of how a new chatbot does this.

screen no.7

It did a good job, but why does nothing rhyme with the “curiously” from the first line?


This feature seems really amazing, as it refers to the real time data – something previous GPT didn’t have access to.

And what about improving our interaction with other people or precisely anniversary? Yeah, chatbot can do romance for you.

screen no.8

Ok, let’s buy something. A car. And let’s say I don;t know anything about cars. Except if it’s red, it is much faster. So new chatbot, which car should I get?

screen no.9

And last but not least – plan my free time. I want a concert. A big one and with a lot of electronic music. Should I also add as a prompt that I am old and don;t like much noise?

screen no.10

Get inspired

So with this feature I will call this new search feature a real personal assistant. In the showcase we can see it can help us to improve our future experience, based on data it found.

screen no.11

And what if you need to get away from the computer and improve your workout plan, but you don;t know which is the best for you? The new chatbot knows it, so don’t worry.

screen no.12

What better way to improve your bond with your kid than some good old arts and crafts activities? Yeah, but what if you don’t know jack about art? Don’t worry, because apparently new chatbot does and you can use it to save your family:

screen no.13

Is the new chatbot going to be a game changer?

whole universe in shape of a human brain

Actually I think it will be. GPT-3’s playground wasn’t as popular as ChatGPT but I still prefer to use it for everyday use. But ChatGPT has a better API, more accessible to everyday users, and Bing goes a step further with its new chatbot. It seems to be fully integrated with the search browser in order to provide users with the best experience with the least amount of effort from him. It also combines everything which many other companies work on – a personal assistant. And what’s most important is that it has access to up-to-date data. It changes everything. It can actually improve your everyday life, not only your work life.

Oh, and searching is free, and is all time accessible, not like ChatGPT sometimes.

Save your time during planning your trip based on best reviews, not on paid ads? Yes, please!

Find the best result for your shopping? Best car for your needs, not the one from paid ads? And also provide feedback to know more why this product fits your needs?

This is the reality we can expect with the premiere of a new chatbot in Bing search. But let’s wait if they will live up to the hype they made.