ChatGPT tutorial: Why you should use ChatGPT in your business?

Why do I need to improve my marketing?

I mean… There’s always something to improve – you can have better seo, highly performing headings for your ADS, or more engaging copy – it all can be achieved with ChatGPT. Did I mention about saving a ton of time you would lose on brainstorms, research and actually work? Now you don’t have to.

In this tutorial we will show you how to use ChatGPT to advance your business, make content production more efficient, up to date, engaging and… leaving so much time on your hand that maybe you can ask ChatGPT how you can find better business opportunities to get engaged to? AI tools are still kinda new, but they are already being used in the creative industry. Not only copywriters are using it, but also creative designers and many more. But maybe before you would like to have an insight from Margarida Barreto and her journey into AI marketing tools.

Ok, just dive in.

just dive in

Let’s start!

As we want to improve how our business works we need to first know what our business is. Let’s say our business is selling marketing courses. But which one should we sell?

marketing courses

Let’s go with content marketing, as we will be working on providing vital content to set up our marketing in this tutorial. Okay, now we need a name and a catchphrase / a slogan to be associated with it for our courses.

marketing in this tutorial

Wow, that is actually pretty amazing. Okay, we also need some logo as we want to be associated with visual representation by our customers and also people need to know what they see, when ads are shown (despite it is display ADS requirement)

Mid journey

Okay, but there are so many generative text-to-image AI models, so with a prompt in mind, we will create one. There is Mid journey, Dall-e, Stable Diffusion – it’s up to you which one fits you. We took a look into generative AI tools in December 2022, so you can choose which style fits you best. I went with dall-e.

I went with dall-e

AI has a problem generating text, so we need to replace the text (of course with AI)

course with AI

Okay, let’s go with the rightmost one. Let’s say our website is ttp://

So we need two sections:

“about us”,

about us

“course description”

course description

As we are just starting we need full power on board. We will run Google ADS (search, YT, discovery and display) and Meta (instagram and fb). For this we need some graphics with our logo in it and our catchphrase we already have. We know the drill, so don’t waste more time and let’s prepare for it.

full power

How to use AI tools to edit the images and create amazing ADS we will cover in the future, but as you can see there’s an interesting pattern for our visual ads. We can either use another Generative AI tool to edit it, or ask a graphic designer to redesign it. Or create from scratch while getting inspired by it.

Also we will need some copywriting, based on the number of signs, due to limits of every type of ADS have, but more of it in the further chapters.

Regarding ad strategies we recommend you to dig more into what strategy is best for your business, which type of ADS, what is your target audience, or how to set up the account. We just provide you with information on how to use AI tools to set up your marketing, but have you run your business it’s up to you! We just showcase “Content Mastery Academy”, which will “Elevate Your Brand with Expert Content Marketing Strategies” (:

Google ADS is an online advertising platform developed by Google. Advertisers pay Google to show their products / links / ads in search results, during YouTube videos and so on. You can pay for clicks (CPC), per thousand impressions (CPM), return on an investment (ROAS), per action (CPA), per view (PPV) or (CPM) or even choose Google algorithm to maximize clicks for your business. But what is most important, you can find your audience and reach out to them to offer them your marketing courses.

For us ChatGPT found such an audience and remember to always verify and test all strategies.

Search ads

Search ads

Text Ads from Google are displayed alongside search results. The primary platform for businesses to advertise on Google, Google Ads, powers them. These advertisements show up when consumers look up certain words and phrases associated with a brand or product. Businesses can advertise their goods and services and connect with prospective clients who are actively looking for them by using search ads.

Limits for text ADS are:

Headline 1 30 characters

Headline 2 30 characters

Headline 3 30 characters

Description 1 90 characters

Description 2 90 characters

Search ads

Wow, amazing we have our first text ad. Just maybe ask ChatGPT for 2 more, to have couple of them to run and test which performs best.

over two million websites

Ok, just set up text ads and continue developing our online marketing!

Display ads are ads that are shown on the articles, videos, or websites that consumers browse. With Google Ads, you may serve your ads on the Google Display Network, a collection of over two million websites that reach over 90% of Internet users across the globe.”

So for this one will be a detailed tutorial in the future, but for now you can use tips from ChatGPT:

Display ADS

Discovery ADS

Discovery ads help you reach people who are ready to discover and engage with your brand. Discovery ads are displayed automatically on YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, and the Gmail Promotions and Social tabs using a single campaign. You can use Discovery ads in a Discovery campaign.”

So these are graphics you show in a variety of places, such as YouTube. But they don’t consist only of images – they also need text.

Headline (15 – 40 characters), minimum 3, maximum 5

Description (90 characters max), minimum 3, maximum 5

So, let’s ask ChatGPT to write it! Easy.

Video ADS

Video ADS

There are couple of Video (YouTube) ads:

  • Skippable in-stream ads.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads.
  • In-feed video ads.
  • Bumper ads.
  • Outstream ads.
  • Masthead ads.

There are plenty of AI tools to create video content. We will provide a dedicated tutorial to it, but today you will have to use ChatGPT tips:

ChatGPT tips

But video ADS also contain some text, for example in feed video ads need:

  • Headline 100 characters max
  • Description Up to 2 lines. 35 characters max for each line.

So we create them, as we already know the drill 🙂

Meta ADS

Meta ADS

Meta ads (ads across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or Meta Audience Network) are paid messages from businesses that are written in their voice and help reach the people who matter most to them.

We will focus in our next tutorials how to create video or graphic ads for eg. Instagram, so let’s just dive to the text meta ads for facebook, but before, maybe some golden marketing advice from ChatGPT?

Facebook meta

So limits on text Facebook meta ADS are like this:

Primary text field is 125 characters

The Description field is 40 characters for the Headline field and 25 characters

Regarding SEO


Regarding SEO for blog posts we recommend you to first have an outline of the article you want to have. Remember that you’re writing not only for google bots but for humans as well (or for human and google bots as well), so keep it as clear, to the point and never let one AI do the job. I would recommend using ChatGPT for the first version of your chapter and then other tools, like quillbot or jasper rewrite it, as Google ranks AI written content poorly.

So I want to write an article, but I don’t know what to write about – don’t worry ChatGPT got you covered.

Mastery Academy

Let’s go with: Mastering Digital Marketing: Tips and Tricks from Content Mastery Academy

So we need to have an outline of our article in order to improve its writing with an AI.

We need an introduction, at least 3 tips / tricks and a summary, so let’s give it a spin:

  1. introduction – “why you should improve your marketing and how it’s more efficient to use prepared top notch courses like the one from Content Mastery Academy instead of googling an outdated informations and wasting time digging through all the data we do not need”
rewritten by quillbot

And rewritten by quillbot:

You can maintain your competitiveness in the current fast-paced, constantly-evolving digital marketplace by honing your marketing skills. You may improve your chances of success and get more conversions by understanding the most recent marketing tactics and ideas. But with so much information available online, it can be challenging to determine which sources to believe and where to look for the most current and pertinent data.

That’s where accredited providers like Content Mastery Academy’s online marketing courses come in. Industry specialists who have a thorough understanding of the most recent trends and best practices in digital marketing created and presented these courses. They offer an organized and thorough learning environment that covers all the crucial ideas and methods you need to be aware of to be successful in this industry.

Additionally, taking online marketing classes from Content Mastery Academy saves a ton of time because everything you need is available in one convenient location, saving you hours of online research time. Additionally, these courses are frequently updated on a regular basis to guarantee that the knowledge they impart is up-to-date and pertinent. With the appropriate online marketing course, you can learn the strategies and tactics you need to advance your marketing campaigns and get the outcomes you want faster.